How to setup company webmail account on Android phones.

How to setup company/personal web mail account with android phones using gmail app.

Now a days we are so busy that we don’t have time to login our company webmail to check the mail. As there are many apps for our android phones to download the mail automatically to our phones. Its very easy for gmail/hotmail/yahoo mail to setup automatically synchronise with our smart phones as there setup parameters are global. But when we try to use our company e-mail accounts in those apps we fall into problems as the apps doesn’t work’s for this mails. Then we feels disappointed for this issue. Here is why those global mails (gmail/hotmail/yahoo) can be synchronised but the others e-mail doesn’t. This well used mail servers setting parameters are always same & every body knows this parameters, thats why its easily configured in with any other e-mail client apps, but on the other hand there are different mail servers used by the administrators for their security purpose so the settings are different as its administrator’s choices to use for this reason we use the wrong parameters such as POP/IMAP to set up with the apps so the apps failed to synchronised this e-mail account.

Now I will discuss about

How to setup c-panels webmail on android gmail apps

Step 1: Open gmail app on your android mobile

Step 2: Press Add Account option

Step 3: Press Other option (Though you want to your own/office e-mail account )

Step 4: Add your e-email address provided by your system administrator. Then press next

Step 5: Select the account type of your mail (You can ask your office / administrator who created your mail, about this info.)

Step 6 : User your e-mails password here then press next.

Step 7: In this step use the user name, Password, & server address will be choose by the app automatically, make sure your server address is correct (Ask your system administrator/ office about the Incoming mail server address because sometimes the incoming server address will be changed for security reason) Then press NEXT

Step 8: In this step gmail app will check for a valid certificate form your mail server. (Don’t worry it wont harm you or it wont steal any info from your phone). By default the certificate will fail. Press Advance option for a new certificate.

Step 9: In this option apps will the show the new certificate values. Press Proceed anyway to continue with the new certificate. 

Step 10: In this step the apps will show user name, Password, & out going server address automatically. Make sure your Outgoing server address (SMTP SERVER) is correct (Ask your system administrator/ office about the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) address because sometimes the Outgoing server address will be changed for security reason) Then press NEXT

Step 11: Now give a Account name as you wish for this account & your name. Then Press Next

Step 12: Adjust this options as you need. Then Press Next. You will find your mail address added & new emails from your account will be in your gmail app


Happy Mailing.

This above setting & process is for SSL enabled domain name. & for gmail apps the use with.


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