How to select the best pool for mining

Which pool is best?

All the Pools are pretty good, and as with most things tech, they all have issues from time to time. On average you’ll get a larger share of fewer blocks with the smaller pools and a smaller share of more blocks with the larger pools. There are support channels for most of the pools on discord.

Mining on a big pool will give us many tiny payouts, vs mining on a small pool will give us fewer large payouts. Over time it will average out and we will earn the same amount of coins.

A good recommendation when choosing a pool is any pool not in the top 3 highest hashrate, but any other pool with at least around 0,5% of network hash rate so the pool will hit some blocks each day. Or if we want to help build up a tiny pool, go for an even smaller one.

The reason we want to not go for the pools with the highest hashrate is to spread the hash and secure our network.

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