How to create a new SUDO user in centos

Steps to Create a New Sudo User from command line

    1. Log in to your server as the root user.
    2. Use the adduser command to add a new user to your system.
      Be sure to replace
       username with the user that you want to create.

      • adduser username
    • Use the passwd command to update the new user’s password.
      • passwd username
    • Set and confirm the new user’s password at the prompt. A strong password is highly recommended! 

      Set password prompts:
      Changing password for user username.
      New password:
      Retype new password:
      passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

    1. Use the usermod command to add the user to the wheel group.
      • usermod -aG wheel username 

        By default, on CentOS, members of the wheel group have sudo privileges.

    2. Test sudo access on new user account
    • Use the su command to switch to the new user account.
      • su – username
    • As the new user, verify that you can use sudo by prepending “sudo” to the command that you want to run with superuser privileges.
      • sudo command_to_run
    • For example, you can list the contents of the /root directory, which is normally only accessible to the root user.
      • sudo ls -la /root
    • The first time you use sudo in a session, you will be prompted for the password of the user account. Enter the password to proceed. 

      [sudo] password for username: 

      If your user is in the proper group and you entered the password correctly, the command that you issued with sudo should run with root privileges.

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